XIV Meeting of the Ranchers of the Southern Cone Grasslands

Cultivo is pleased to be partnering with Alianza del Pastizal and BirdLife International in its efforts to support sustainable grazing and ensure the biodiversity conservation of natural grasslands across the Americas.

As a rancher attending the upcoming meeting in Santa Fe, we would like to give you the opportunity to receive a preliminary natural capital analysis of your ranch. This preliminary analysis will provide you with an estimation of potential gains in carbon sequestration, water retention and biodiversity mean species abundance if you were to undertake a sustainable grassland management project.

To perform the analysis we will need you to upload a shapefile of your ranch, or draw a polygon following the instructions below, and to share your contact details.

Once you have submitted the file you will receive a confirmation email. We will then send you the analysis just prior to the meeting on the 31 March 2023.