Our purpose is to take care of nature.

So nature can take care of us.

By protecting and restoring nature, nature can protect our food systems, prevent flooding & pandemics, create jobs, provide us with clean water, capture carbon to stop our planet from overheating ... and the list goes on.

Our purpose is to take care of nature. Banner

Meet the team

We are a diverse mix of scientists, techies, data geeks, and finance wizards united by our love of nature and our mission to unlock investment into nature at scale.

Core team

Manuel Piñuela profile
Manuel Piñuela,
James Clifton profile
James Clifton,
Chief Strategy Officer
Pablo Castellanos profile
Pablo Castellanos,
Dudley Hawes profile
Dudley Hawes,
Executive Director - Investments
Adolfo Patron profile
Adolfo Patron,
Rebeca Bravo profile
Rebeca Bravo,
Head of Finance
Madeleine Nicolas profile
Madeleine Nicolas,
Environmental Scientist
Rafa Alonso profile
Rafa Alonso,
Jimena Terrazas profile
Jimena Terrazas,
Data Analyst
Brace Young profile
Brace Young,
Investment Associate
Sofía Fernández profile
Sofía Fernández,
Strategic Operations
Pedro Rojas profile
Pedro Rojas,
Project Manager
Kristof Bulkai profile
Kristof Bulkai,
Managing Director - Investments
Alberto Garcia-Mogollon profile
Alberto Garcia-Mogollon,
Head of Yield and Policy
Emiline Koopman profile
Emiline Koopman,
Biodiversity Specialist
Caroline Missen profile
Caroline Missen,
VP Sustainability/ESG
Benjamin Stone profile
Benjamin Stone,
SVP & General Counsel
Aamir Suleman profile
Aamir Suleman,
Senior Software Engineer
Marta Caballero profile
Marta Caballero,
Investment Partnerships
Peter Oshima profile
Peter Oshima,
Lead Product Designer
Neil McMillan profile
Neil McMillan,
Platform Engineering Lead

Non executive directors & advisors

Brace Young profile
Brace Young,
Mark Tercek profile
Mark Tercek,
Non-Executive Director
Lucy Thomas profile
Lucy Thomas,
Non-Executive Director
Gabriel Holschneider profile
Gabriel Holschneider,
Executive Director
Steven Berkenfeld profile
Steven Berkenfeld,
Jan Hellemans profile
Jan Hellemans,
Paige Olmsted profile
Paige Olmsted,
Frank Hicks profile
Frank Hicks,
Hank Cauley profile
Hank Cauley,

Our Values

Public Benefit

We are a public benefit corporation, meaning we judge our success by achieving our purpose and ensuring future generations have a healthy planet.


Our culture is built on transparency, and we provide full transparency to all our partners every step of the way.


A global problem needs a global solution. We have offices in the US, UK and Mexico and projects all around the world.

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