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Invest in nature

Nature is our most precious asset, and we need to find a new way that values nature and the benefits it provides us.

Natural capital, an asset class that values nature

Nature underpins the economy. More than half of the world’s total gross domestic product, or $44 trillion, involves activities that are moderately or highly dependent on nature. Natural capital is an emerging asset class that values the natural world, an economic approach that makes it clear why a tree is worth more alive than dead.

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Our Approach

Watch our video to see how we unlock investment to protect and restore nature at scale.

Triple returns

Cultivo exists to unlock investment to protect and restore nature at scale. We do this by showing how investing in natural capital can generate healthy financial returns that are good for nature and society.

Financial Returns

Cash flows from carbon offsets & ecosystem services generate strong IRR

Natural Returns

Protected species, healthy soil and clean water

Social Returns

Jobs created, livelihoods protected

Working with Cultivo, we were able to support a project that generated carbon certificates, protected biodiversity and had a positive social impact. A triple win!

Christian Pastrana,
Communications Director

How it works

1. Search

Using satellite technology & proprietary algorithms we pinpoint the best nature based projects to invest in

2. Package

Working with NGOs & landowners we package the projects ready for investment

3. Investment

We find the best investors that match the natural capital stack for a project

4. Implementation

The investment funds sustainable activities that restore and protect nature

5. Returns

Cash flows from carbon offsets and other ecosystem services provide financial returns to the investors

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High quality & diverse projects

In nature, diverse ecosystems are the most resilient. We believe diversity and resilience are important when it comes to investing too. That's why our projects are across diverse ecosystems.







Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Intelligence driven

We use propriety algorithms and technologies to identify high quality projects and forecast the natural capital returns.

Selected projects are then validated by human intelligence - experts on the ground. We are totally transparent with our findings and data, helping investors make an informed decision.

Performance DegradationSoil Moisture PotentialLand DegradationGround Truth Data
Performance DegradationSoil Moisture PotentialLand DegradationGround Truth Data