Aeromexico partners with Cultivo

Working with Cultivo, we were able to support a project that generated carbon certificates, protected biodiversity and had a postive social impact. A triple win!

Christian Pastrana, Communications Director, Aeromexico

Aeromexico partners with Cultivo

8th May, 2020

We are really excited that we can now publicly announce that one of our partners, Aeromexico has invested in natural capital through Cultivo.

The project that Aeromexico invested in via Cultivo, generated globally recognized certified carbon credits for their Vuela Verde passenger voluntary carbon offset program. You can read more about this on page 54 of Aeromexico’s recently published sustainability report.

Carbon is just part of the story

At Cultivo, we passionately believe that all our projects must have multiple benefits beyond capturing carbon, and the project that Aeromexico invested in certainly does. For example:

Protecting Biodiversity

The project protects important wildlife such as jaguarundi and bobcats, and is located in a key area to support the Monarch Butterfly migration.

Protecting Water

The project protects important water sources that feed the Miguel Alemán Hydroelectric Plant, as well as the Cutzamala system, which is used to supply water to Mexico City.

Positive Social Impact

The project creates a positive social impact by supporting the farmers, their families, and the local community through the State of Mexico’s "Edoméx Procarbono" program.

Our partnership with Aeromexico demonstrates how we can help corporations beyond simply offsetting carbon emissions. By investing in natural capital through Cultivo, Aeromexico was able to buy high quality carbon credits, as well as protecting biodiversity and the livelihoods of local communities which is a great triple win in our books.