Cultivo partners with Nature For Justice.

Working with Cultivo, we can help vulnerable local communities affected by climate change receive a sustainable income from natural capital.

Hank Cauley, Acting CEO, Nature For Justice

Cultivo partners with Nature For Justice.

10th December, 2020

Public discourse around nature-based solutions often focuses on the climate crisis, carbon capture and offsets, financing solutions and biodiversity loss. Little attention is given to the local communities that are being directly impacted by the climate crisis and who are essential to implementing the on-the-ground practices to restore and protect nature.

At Cultivo we always strive that our projects attain the triple win - financial, natural and social returns. We firmly believe that without engaged local communities who have the confidence that projects will provide long term reliable income no project will succeed in the long term, and nature-based solutions are a long term game. That's why our partnership with Nature For Justice is so important.

Nature For Justice aims to be a leader in using nature-based solutions to achieve social justice for communities affected by the climate crisis.

The Nature For Justice team brings decades of experience in promoting rural economic development, finding a path for business to be mindful of environmental issues, addressing the need for justice, equity and social inclusion, and helping communities help themselves.

The Cultivo team brings the ability to help vulnerable local communities affected by climate change receive a sustainable income from natural capital in three ways:

  • Firstly, Cultivo helps local communities quantify the value of the natural capital stack -- biodiversity, water, carbon, green infrastructure, food, and other ecosystem services -- that they have lived with for generations and have begun to lose due to our changing climate.
  • Secondly, Cultivo can help local communities determine the potential of that natural capital stack if they were to adopt new land use practices that improved management, restored landscapes, and protected forests.
  • Thirdly, Cultivo helps the local communities monetize and sell the flows from their natural capital stack to financial institutions and corporations which in turn provides a reliable long term income to those local communities. By doing this, Cultivo moves the spotlight away from philanthropy but to real business investment - an engine that can drive durable change.

Cultivo and Nature For Justice complement each other really well and the partnership is based around three foundational pillars for driving change: social inclusion, business durability, and science-led guidance. We're already applying those principles as we consider projects in Australia, Mexico, Ghana, Canada, and Costa Rica. We’re reinventing an approach to addressing the climate crisis for those affected by the climate crisis.